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Healthcare Professional Resources

Learn more about adrenal insufficiency, adrenoleukodystrophy (ALD), and cerebral ALD—and how early diagnosis could save lives.1

ALD Neurologist Brochure

ALD Neurologist Brochure

Learn more about monitoring ALD and the progression to cerebral ALD

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ALD Endocrinologist Brochure

ALD Endocrinologist Brochure

Learn more about recognizing and diagnosing ALD

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ALD fact sheet

Test and Detect Early

Learn why adrenal insufficiency in young boys could be a red flag for ALD2

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Video Library

Learn more about ALD, the varied progression of the disease, the importance of early diagnosis, and how it all affects patients and familes.1

Vutrano family video thumbnail

Vutrano family: The difference of early diagnosis

Learn how newborn screening changed one child’s life

Corr family video thumbnail

Corr family: The impact of ALD

Learn how Addison’s Disease led to a diagnosis of ALD for one family

Dr. Miller video thumbnail

Three steps: Recognize, Measure, and Consult

Pediatric Endocrinologist Bradley Miller touches on the three steps for initial identification and management of ALD

Dr. Miller video thumbnail

Monitoring for cerebral progression in ALD

Learn how Pediatric Endocrinologist Bradley Miller monitors for cerebral progression in patients with ALD

Dr. Miller video thumbnail

Importance of an integrated, multidisciplinary care team

Pediatric Endocrinologist Bradley Miller covers the roles and responsibilities of an ALD care team

Advocacy Partners

Offer additional support to the families of children with ALD or cerebral ALD by connecting them with some of the following advocacy groups. This list is provided for reference only and is not intended as a comprehensive list of resources.

ALD Connect website

World Leukodystrophy Alliance website

Global Leukodystrophy Initiative website

bluebird bio, Inc. is not responsible for the content provided by third party sites, nor does bluebird bio, Inc. endorse the content of these sites. This is not a comprehensive list of resources and it is provided for reference only.

doctor talking to child

These organizations can provide education and support to patients and families whose lives are affected by ALD.

Reach out to advocacy partners for additional resources and support.

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